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'''Benjamin Franklin Wedekind''' (July 24, 1864 – March 9, 1918), usually known as '''Frank Wedekind''', was a German playwright. His work, which often criticizes bourgeois attitudes (particularly towards sex), is considered to anticipate expressionism, and he was a major influence on the development of Epic theater|epic theatre.See Banham (1998) and Willett (1959). In his ''Messingkauf Dialogues'', Brecht cites Wedekind, along with Georg Büchner|Büchner and Karl Valentin|Valentin, as his "chief influences" in his early years: "he", Brecht writes of himself in the third person, "also saw the writer ''Wedekind'' performing his own works in a style which he had developed in cabaret. Wedekind had worked as a ballad singer; he accompanied himself on the lute." (1965, 69).
Birth nameBenjamin Franklin Wedekind
Birth date{{Birth date |1864|07|24}}
Birth placeHanover, German Confederation
Death date{{Death date and age|1918|03|09|1864|07|24}}
Death placeMunich, German Empire
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